Kai is the main protagonist in every comic in the Kampars series.


Kai (pronounced Kai) Is a teenager who attends high school in order to fulfill his fathers wish for him to become a lawyer. Most notable about him is his narcissistic and oblivious personality. Although, not entirely narcissistic as he can be a bit insecure at times.

Obviously enough Kai makes sure that everyone knows that he is in CrossFit, whether it be him boasting about being a CrossFitter or from any article of clothing CrossFit related he's almost always wearing. Nobody is ever impressed or cares.

Now being very charismatic and more attractive than when he used to be fat, it doesn't make up for the fact that nobody likes him for his personality.

Fun Fact; He can still manage to pull in decent looking girls.

Some attributes
Aliases Kai


Age 16
Height 6'1
Other attributes
Affiliations ContenderCrossFit


Mental Disorders Narcissism
Family [To be listed]